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The Curious Link Between Feng Shui And Music Programming

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I was reading the 'Complete Idiots Guide to Feng Shui' today. I love the Dummy's and Idiots series of publications and possess ebooks of most of the books in the series that these two publishers have published and read them on my Galaxy Tab from time to time. I find these books to be a great introduction not only to a newbie for a given subject but also offer great...

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What Do You Mean You Dont Sing?!

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The Wide Gulf Between Music Performers and Music Listeners Why does there exist such a vast gap between those who create music and consider themselves lucky to do so and between those who simply listen and profess to have no musical bone in their bodies? There seems to be some sort of an unbridgeable chasm that exists that prevents people from seemingly resisting the impulse to sing or create music...

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Independently Produced Music in India Needs a Movement


So here's my first post on Leveljam drinking some nice Darjeeling tea from a Fabindia tea set on a hazy afternoon in Oshiwara. Atin Dasgupta the erstwhile weekend warrior of All India Radio who used to host rock radio shows sometime back in the late 90's and early decade and in the process gained the dubioous distinction of introducing a lot of angsty kids in Mumbai to hard rock and...

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