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Gora Badan Honth Shabnami – Day 2

Recording music at home tips

Take Frequent Breaks A very important point that can never be overemphasized and one should be printed in bold and stuck right in front of the workstation of every aspiring producer is "Take Frequent Breaks!" and must be followed regardless of how interesting the mix is developing out to be or however much you are engrossed in your project. Taking frequent breaks serves a two pronged approach: a. It keeps...

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Gora Badan Honth Shabnami – Day 1

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This one's an old tune composed by me some years ago languishing in the dust bowls of time and the odd drunken get-togethers when I decided to bring this tune to life recently. It has a lilting melody, an old style feel, sounds catchy and the lyrics are well - cheesy Anyone who knows me well will vouch for the fact that my Hindi is terrible and so in came a certain...

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The Gear Required to Start Off on Music Production


So here I am posting on my blog after a long while. Fact is I was busy putting all the music programming knowledge that I have been gathering since January 1st to good use over the last 2 weeks. So here I am - a 36 year old guy armed with 4 month old knowledge of music programming on a computer and oodles of self-belief and enthusiasm attempting to create a...

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Why Knowledge is The Scarcest Resource of All

Best Music Production Institute Mumbai

I came across this pretty inspiring speech by Ronald Reagan the other day in an ebook some parts of which struck me as highly relevant even today though the speech was delivered way back in 1988 around the time preceding the fall of the Iron Curtain. The full speech can be accessed here - In his address to the students at Moscow State University, then American President Ronald Reagan spoke of...

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