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The Fair & Lovely Mix

cubase production classes mumbai

So I am posting again after a fortnight. But it took me that long to mix 'Gora Badan Honth Shabnami'! I also chanced upon some incredible mixing masterclass videos by a very soft spoken German Friedemann Tischmeyer a Mixing & Mastering Engineer (who looks and talks every bit like an engineer!) whose videos (English VO's overdubbed of course!) are the most succinct and well-explained videos on music mixing that I have found...

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A New Song Intro

best vst for backing harmonies

So there is this song that was composed by me recently. This one again has an old-style feel, a lilting melody and a simple straight-to-the-heart appeal. I compose music in one sitting often in less than 30 minutes. Very rarely have I sat down in two sessions to finish a song. This one though was composed over two sessions. The first part and the main melody came to me while I was...

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Gora Badan Honth Shabnami First Mixdown

Music Blogger India

So I have finally managed to program the whole song in about 5 days. Whew! Programming a song can take the wind out of your sails but if you love music then it's smooth sailing all the way minus a few hiccups! I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts about the French 'auteur theory' in film direction whereby a film is entirely (not entirely but more or less)...

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