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The First Ever Ska Song in Hindi Popular Music


Tall claim that one - but not far fetched! I searched and searched but could not find any ska song in Hindi Music worth it's salt - a song that is truly ska and defines the genre. It's incredible actually that a genre that is so catchy, upbeat, danceable and memorable should have escaped most Music Producers in India save R.D. Burman who did include a chugging ska rhythm in...

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The Qualities Required To Be a Good Music Programmer

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We have been swamped with calls and our monthly music programming classes are on full swing. Pictures to follow soon! A lot of inquiries have been arriving from smaller cities like Gwalior, Patna and Pune (if they can be called small cities anymore!). These guys are fresh out of college with enthusiasm and money to spend on music education but most of them are befuddled about the rigor and discipline...

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