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Why Every Band in India Needs A Music Composer and a Music Producer

Music Arrangement Classes Mumbai Cubase Logic Pro

If you are a band member performing in any of the thousands of pop, rock bands and groups in India today, then you can ill afford to ignore the gravity behind the title of my post today. Hundreds of bands form in India every year and hundreds of bands die every year. Reason - most of them are unable to make any impact on the musical scene. If they were...

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The Link Between Finger Length and Musical Ability

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I was reading Psychologist Richard Wiseman's seminal book on human behaviour - 59 Seconds (easily downloadable from any online ebook store). Its a book that if you really read and follow can help you really really understand the motivations of human beings in doing what they do and in a way help you to understand how to control others subliminally and make them react positively to you ;-). Evil? Not...

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The 3 Most Common Mistakes that Amateur Music Producers Make

Common Music Production Mistakes

If you are a die hard music-creation addict like me, then chances are, you must be familiar with the No. 1 Music Producer's Forum - The forum's main contributors and readers are mostly comprised of intermediate-level music programmers (mainly American and Europeans) and sound engineering professionals with the odd experienced professional also contributing to the thousands of forum topics. It is a breed of creative people who are passionate about...

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Does Your Song Make Your Audience Turn Up It’s Volume

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It's a very simple test for popularity - Does your song want to make you or others reach for the volume knob? It goes without saying that the intention to reach for the volume knob must be to turn up the decibels and not turn it down - in the case of the latter you have got a big problem in your hands! This aspect is a simple but often...

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