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We Need Music For Times When We Aint Dancing

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Is it possible to create a mark in the world of Indian Music currently with so much of Bollywood Music already out there and with so many songs being churned out and so many Music Directors ruling the roost? Can an independent music producer still come in and make a mark on the scene? It can make an aspiring music producer disheartened and throw his hands up in frustration at the...

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Launching Collaboration with Franco Vaz For Music Producers Serious About Their Craft


This brings me to one of my pet topics and one that all aspiring music producers must take to heart if they aim to reach the top echelons of their craft - Drums and Percussion. We all know that 99.9 % music being produced cannot be called complete without drums and percussion. In today's world, Music Producers and Programmers have access to tons of high quality sampled drum elements of...

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