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Why Most Of The World’s Brilliant Songs Have Not Yet Been Composed


Here's a truth that many wannabe music composers and producers complain about - All the best songs have already been composed! Actually here's something in your favour - not true! You might say, 'Oh, there will never again be born composers and songwriters like Beethoven, Mozart, Lennon-McCartney, RD Burman or AR Rahman or just about any other great composer you care to name. How many possible tunes exist? To get...

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Why Music is All About Emotion

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'Music is the language of emotion', as the saying goes. We human beings are a species that vocalizes partly to communicate information and partly to communicate our emotional state. A mother and her baby for example uses melodious vocalizing to bond with each other emotionally. Since music communicates emotion, music may actually owe it's evolutionary origin to the survival quotient of musical mother-baby communication. Even little kindergarten children can accurately...

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How To Create a Hedonic Response To Your Songs

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Here's the truth that most people who want to learn music production have to swallow sooner than later - Understanding softwares and vst's is far easier than understanding songwriting! Now I know that's a bitter pill to swallow for most youngsters who enter the world of music production all starry eyed but soon get frustrated because they cannot create songs that captures the public's mind and heart. Millions of average and boring...

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Why Today’s Bollywood Music and Music Producers Generally Suck


Alright, lets be honest, Bollywood Music of today's times sucks big time! Most of the apologies in the name of songs being heard around us are basically promos being made to sell shitty films! Most of the film music directors of today's times barring a couple (Pritam, Rahman) are hacks! What is a hack? Well, a hack is a hustler who is trying to push and sell whatever down someone's throat just to...

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