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How I Made My Song Sound Louder than a Bollywood Hit Song – Part 2

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To Tulsa, Lonavla and Back! It's incredible. I went for a little drive to Lonavla over the weekend and today Monday morning I read the sad news that Guitarist / Composer JJ Cale had passed away on Friday night. Amazingly I had plugged a flash drive full of all his albums into my car stereo and was listening to his beautiful music all the way to Lonavala on the Saturday morning...

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How I Made My Song Sound Louder than a Bollywood Hit Song – Part 1


Now don't get me wrong. Most Bollywood songs of today are compressed to the maximum which means that if I were to get my track to sound louder in comparison to 'Badtameez Dil' the song in question, my song would clip and go berserk because as Mastering Guru Bob Katz says - "You cant beat the laws of physics"! But read on if you want to know more about how...

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The Making of a Bollywood-inspired Indie Song

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The independent musician unencumbered by genre and style restrictions can afford to make music in any style amalgamating his / her musical influences and varied influences resulting in something that may turn out to be very unique, fresh and indeed likeable! Bollywood film music is all around us and even for those like me who wish to desist entering into the 'music director' business in Bollywood there is nothing wrong...

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The Secret to Becoming a Good Music Programmer

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So whats' the secret to becoming good at what you do with anything in life for that matter?! Persistence and dogged determination! It helps if you are passionate about what you are doing because then sticking to it becomes easier. I took up music programming early this year and have attempted to document my learning process through this blog so that I and hopefully others too can look back at...

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