Work With India's Most Popular Music Production Institute

At Leveljam we are always on the lookout for young music producers and programmers who want to shine forth and blaze a trail in the world of music. The opportunities that we can provide you are endless. Have a look at what we can do for you:

a. Being a company that is highly visible in the internet community, we get scores of requests weekly from music directors, artists and companies who are looking for talented music programmers and producers conversant with the top 3 widely regarded sequencers / DAWs in the marketplace namely: Cubase, Logic Pro and Ableton Live. We will pass on these leads and contacts to you so you can gain valuable leads and work opportunities which may well translate into name and recognition depending upon your talent and dedication.

b. Being a Music Production Training institute, we get tons of inquiries every month from people who would like to enter the fascinating world of music production. Depending upon your proficiency you can either teach at our institute or conduct home learning sessions for our students.

c. You can collaborate with us on our projects and meet other music programmers and arrangers with whom you can network, learn, share opportunities and work and grow.

Either way call us on 9820607875 for a quick chat on how we can help you and how you can help us! 


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