Music Programming Course Details

Our 1 month Music Programming Course Details


The Cheapest & The Most Flexible Music Production Course in India

The music programming course is a thrice-a-week course consisting of two hour sessions with a maximum of 4 students in each batch. These batches will be conducted between 7 pm & 9 pm evenings. You will be provided with a workstation, a midi controller keyboard, headphones and speakers. We teach you to work on any of the following DAW's: FL Studio, Logic ProCubase / Nuendo, Sonar and Ableton Live.

The Structure

Week 1  


Day 1 - Familiaring yourself with the basic functionalities of the DAW.


Day 2 - Understanding Song Form & Structure. Learning to program Beats and Rhythm - drum and bass grooves that constitute the first step of music production.


Day 3 - Learning to use the Midi controller and the piano roll functions on a DAW to quantize and edit music information.


Week 2


Day 1 - Exploring and learning to use the vst's (Virtual Studio Technology) that emulates traditional musical instruments with software patches such as horns, strings, solo instruments etc.


Day 2 - Advanced Midi Editing Workshop that can help you shape your instrumental pieces and make them come alive.


Day 3 - Recording Workshop that shows you how to record Electric Guitars and apply various FX simulations. Also learn to extract midi information from Audio Files.


Week 3


Day 1 - Recording Vocals and using softwares to enhance them such as pitch correction, modulation etc.


Day 2 - Learning to use Kontakt (a sequencer within a sequencer) that contains some of the best audio libraries in the world and which can make your music come alive.


Day 3 - Learning to use the libraries available in top class vst's such as Stylus and Omnisphere that are used by all the top music producers in the world.


Week 4


Day 1 - Programming Strings, Pads, Brass, Horns & other Acoustic Instruments.


Day 2 - Understanding Musical Harmony and using Vocal & Instrument Harmonies to touch the soul of your listeners.


Day 3 - Basic Mixing & Mastering Workshop to help you shape your sound and the use of filters, compressors and eq's to enhance your music.

The Fees

Our total fees for the course is  Rs. 35,000/-

Conditions - 50% Advance during enrollment and balance at the end of Week 2.

Venue: 109, Link Plaza, 3rd floor, Besides Oshiwara Police Station, Above Yoko Sizzlers, Andheri West, Mumbai.

 Home Tuitions 

If you do not have time to attend our classes or if you simply hate Mumbai traffic, we also have experienced tutors who will come to your house, set up the softwares on your computer and teach you weekly sessions at your home at your convenience at no extra cost! Sounds like a dream? Well, we believe that just as music comes in all shapes and sounds, similarly the needs of every person is different and expecting everyone to come down to an institute to learn is not realistic in today's world of shrinking time, crazy traffic and hectic schedules. Give us a call to discuss your best timings and we will work out a customized teaching schedule for you! Call us on +91 98206 07875 for more details.

Classes begin on the 1st of every month. 

We are also hoping that before you enrol for our course, you already have a computer music home studio because becoming a good music programmer is all about practice, practice and more practice. If you do not apply what you are learning on your home studio you are just wasting your hard earned money! If you do not have a set up yet, we will be more than happy to advise you on the best setup that you can have and at the most reasonable cost. Call us on +91 98206 07875 for more details.


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