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Jigar Mistry - Leveljam Student 2014

Jigar Mistry is learning to use Logic Pro installed on his Macbook Pro. Inspite of his hectic globetrotting schedule, Jigar finds the time to create music - late at night in a hotel room in New York, at the coffee shop in Paris waiting for a meeting or in the backseat of his car on the way to his office from his home in Santacruz to downtown Mumbai! Thanks to the portability of the music production process, Jigar is not restricted by time, space or schedule. More importantly, music has become an outlet for him to relax and unwind in the midst of work. Creating music is also something which also helps to distract his mind and bring more clarity to his work and helps enhance his productivity.


He says, "The music production trainers at Leveljam have a great understanding of music composition and production. They excel at what they do. Being in the midst of the music business, they help students to get a glimpse of how master music producers work in real life. I strongly feel that all aspiring music producers must learn from competent music industry professionals instead of trying to figure out stuff on their own! Over the course of a couple of months, I have understood the concept of harmonics, frequencies and basic concepts of music programming and composition. Moreover I had great fun learning. In fact, it wasn't learning in the traditional sense at all. It was fun and entertaining and I have now become all the more eager to dive deeper into the world of sound and music!"

We wish Jigar all the very best in his journey in the fascinating world of music production.