Leveljam is one of the oldest Music production & Music Programming courses in Mumbai. Over the years we have moved away from a classroom based teaching format to long distance online learning. Thanks to growing connectivity and powered by increasing data bandwidth and speeds, learning music production long distance is a reality for students. Unshackled by the boundaries and restrictions of time and space, online learning has enabled many students from all over India learn music production and helped them produce professional music that can compete with the very best of International and Indian Pop Music & Bollywood!

The purpose of our course is to enable you to have the requisite knowledge and skill to produce work of a professional standard. Today with DAW’s like Logic Pro and Cubase and armed with the latest VST’s and mixing and mastering softwares like Waves & Ozone, even a bedroom producer can produce songs that sound as good or even better than those made by professional music producers. We want to make music production tools accessible to anyone and everyone!

Learn Music Production

Our online music production course will introduce learners to the theoretical and practical aspects of MIDI which is electronic music production as well as audio recording, music programming, sound design and sound engineering. Students will be guided in a step-by-step manner of modern music production in various music genres from pop music to EDM to rock & Bollywood. Students will learn general synthesis and the various methods of synthesis achieved through the most commonly used Digital Audio Workstations (DAW’s) and Virtual Studio Instruments (VST’s). Our music production course will enable students to:

  • Program songs from scratch
  • Learn beat making & groove production
  • Learn how to program tracks using virtual instruments
  • Learn how to eq and process tracks
  • Learn how to mix and master

Having an online tutor means that you can learn at your convenience from your home and also get instant support whenever you are stuck on something. Our tutors will quickly get online and help you solve your queries. This kind of learning is simply impossible when you learn at institutes the old fashioned way.

Why Study Music Production

A lot of young learners decide to learn music production on their own until they realise after a long time that they are not growing and give up feeling frustrated. It is important to learn music production under a teacher or mentor because not only does the process of learning become faster but you are also introduced to the latest music production softwares and VST’s that have been introduced in the market. Our experienced music production instructors will also give you the correct guidance to set up your own home studio including the right hardware to buy such as your computer’s processor, speakers, audio interface, midi keyboard, microphone etc. without which your music will not get the polish and finesse it deserves.

When you enrol for our online Music production course, we help you to first of all ensure that you prepare your home studio in the right manner which includes advice on choosing the right location in your house, how to eliminate all background noise, basic acoustic treatment of your room and placement of your equipment. After that we help you choose the right computer for your task whether Mac, Hackintosh or PC. If you need help in assembling your computer from scratch we can help you with that as well. After that we advice you on the right music production equipment to buy that fits within your budget. That includes choosing the right DAW for your need, choosing your audio interface, studio monitors, microphone and headphones. Once you have your home recording studio in place, it is time to start learning!

Lifetime Support

Take a typical example of a student who enrols in a music production course at an institute. After the few hours of tutorials that he / she receives during the few hours in a week that the student attends, absolutely no support is given outside of office hours. It is during practice time at home when the real learning happens and when it is most likely that the student will get stuck on certain aspects. At that time there is noone to help the student quickly overcome his doubts. Similarly if the student gets stuck on softwares or if certain VST’s do not work, there is no quick online support to rectify those issues. This can be a highly frustrating experience and also lengthen the duration of time that it takes to master music production.

Unlike other music production institutes, your online music production tutor will not only be online at all times to teach you about music production but is also there for online support in case you get stuck when you are at home practicing or recording.Through softwares like Anydesk, we can remotely take over your computer or laptop and solve all issues and resolve any queries whether it is creative or technical. At Leveljam we are just a call or a whatsapp query away. Our trainings take into consideration our decade worth of experience and also factor in a “human” guru-shishya approach to teaching. Our tutors are not only teachers but also a mentor, guide and a friend for life!

Electronic Music Production Course

1st Quarter
  • History of Electronic Music
  • Synthesis: Lead Instruments / Bass / Pads
  • Creating Grooves and Rhythm
  • DAW’s (Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton)
  • Sound Effects
  • How to Arrange a Song
  • Home Studio Basics
  • Studio Recording Essentials
  • Music Programming
  • Mixing & Mastering Music
  • Remixing a song
2nd Quarter
  • Understanding MIDI Protocol
  • Analogue Synthesis
  • Advanced Sound Synthesis
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Sound Design – Layers & Textures
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Vocal Production & Harmonies
  • Aspiring student must be minimum 18 years of age or older and must have parental approval to enrol for our course.
  • Aspiring student must have basic knowledge of Western Music Theory or know to play atleast one musical instrument reasonably well.
  • Must own a laptop or desktop computer with latest hardware, processor and atleast 8 GB RAM.
  • Must have a working knowledge and understanding of Hindi and English.

Payment Plan 1

  • Registration Fee: ₹ 25,000/-
  • Course Fee: ₹ 1,25,000/-
  • Total: ₹ 1,50,000/-

Payment Plan 2

  • Registration Fee: ₹ 30,000/-
  • Monthly Instalments: 4 x ₹ 30,000/-
  • Total:  ₹ 1,50,000/-
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