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Hardware Requirements For Music Production

We get a lot of queries from those who are interested in learning music production but do not have the requisite tools required for the same at their homes. So here we have listed below the hardware components required for Windows PC systems to enable you to create professional music as of the year 2015. Internal AMD Phenom Series or Intel i7 (6 - 8 processor combos) nothing less or...

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How I Made My Song Sound Louder than a Bollywood Hit Song – Part 2

Music Programming Resource India

To Tulsa, Lonavla and Back! It's incredible. I went for a little drive to Lonavla over the weekend and today Monday morning I read the sad news that Guitarist / Composer JJ Cale had passed away on Friday night. Amazingly I had plugged a flash drive full of all his albums into my car stereo and was listening to his beautiful music all the way to Lonavala on the Saturday morning...

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