Tall claim that one - but not far fetched! I searched and searched but could not find any ska song in Hindi Music worth it's salt - a song that is truly ska and defines the genre. It's incredible actually that a genre that is so catchy, upbeat, danceable and memorable should have escaped most Music Producers in India save R.D. Burman who did include a chugging ska rhythm in the song 'Kal kya hoga kisko pata' but lost the momentum in the song somehow. It's not a pure ska track and like always RD succeeded in mixing various genres all in one track which can get on your nerves if are a purist music listener like me! There are of course the odd indie rock teenage bands but they are more like punk-ska aping American bands and besides they sing in English thus effectively making them a 'phoren' band not 'desi'!

I have composed and recently programmed a ska song and I guess if this song catches on, I am hoping there would be a ska music revival! Ska has been one of my favourite genres of music ever since I heard the band 'Sublime' ten years ago. The steady chugging rhythm played on the upbeat, the pulsating bass, the brass harmonies, the simple melodic choruses and harmonies never fails to uplift my mood and get me bobbing and bouncing around the house. Old school ska to new school ska - Derrick Morgan, Joe Gibbs, Desmond Dekker, The Melodians, The Mighty Vikings, Theo Beckford, The Skatalites, Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, German Ska, American Ska, Jamaican Ska - I love'em all!

So what is Ska?

In four words and most people who like ska will agree: It's Happy Feel Good Music much like Polka music another favourite genre of mine. The genre is defined by the brass section (a must!), walking basslines (my favourite bass playing style) and offbeat chords. If you watch any ska rock band videos live, you will see audiences are jumping or bobbing up and down in huge waves! This is because the rhythm makes you do that! A true ska song will make you move - usually vertically. Or you swing your arms like in the the funny video below showing the earliest 'skanking' dancing style.

The music genre was created in Jamaica and the original bands of that era is now called first wave ska. First wave ska is my favourite ska style. It's rootsy and more soulful than the noisy modern ska bands. Then the music moved to England and then became 'two tone ska' because of racial unity between blacks and whites. Then the genre moved into America and became 'third wave ska' because it was more punk influenced. Ska gave birth to reggae, rocksteady, dub, and punk. Ska is also considered the opposite of emo because emo is usually more sadder sounding whereas ska is more happy sounding. The horn sections in ska bands are usually made up of saxes, trumpets, and trombones.

Ska is cool music and most college kids in India's urban centres love ska. A typical dialogue between college kids goes:

-Hey man what are you listening to? 
-Ska rules, man!

I foresee many Hindi ska bands in the future because in India ska is yet to find full expression and when it does, other forms of music better watch out! So before any further ado have a listen to my upbeat Hindi ska song influenced by First Wave Ska and listen to history being made :-)

Dil Maine Tujhe Diya

Composed & Programmed by Atin Dasgupta

Lyrics by Qais Jaunpuri

Vocals by Atin Dasgupta

You can download the song here for free and put it on your phone or mp3 player or share it!

Dil Maine Tujhe Diya download

Atin DasguptaAtin Dasgupta is an entrepreneur and Music Composer / Programmer.  Leveljam – a community of computer music programmers in India is an initiative that is very close to his heart.