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If you are an aspiring filmmaker, musician, actor or just about any artist who has still not 'made it' as they say, then read the heading of this article very carefully. Will I be ready when who is gone? - you ask. Well, when the ones who are right now on top of their game are gone! It is a law of nature that those who are reigning on top at any point of time will one day become obsolete and lose their grip over their kingdom and then someone else will come and rightfully take their place. The 'old giveth way to the new' is an adage that holds true not just for the human race but the entire animal kingdom. This reality is in fact closely tied to the mating game. New younger and stronger males will come and vanquish the reigning alpha male in a given territory and then rightfully take possession of all the females and the land! Leopards in the Sahara, Tigers in the Sundarbans, Elks in the Alps, Red Indians in the Mojave, Pumas in the Andes and the rest of all the species on Earth have all been swaying to this tune since the beginning of time.


Taking Over!

A lot of factors are responsible for the decline of a king - Age, Failing health, Mental Decline, Boredom, Laziness, Constipation (creative or otherwise!). A younger fitter, stronger, more intelligent and more creative male will come and overthrow the king sooner or later and then the whole process starts all over again! But there is a cautionary twist to this as well. It is the one who is most ready that will become the new king or prince. Being ready in the animal kingdom means one who is totally in command of his mind, body and abilities. Taking care of mind and body is not very difficult. A bit of swimming, running and yoga or exercise and avoiding overindulgence of harmful addictions will keep your body agile and your mind sharp and alert. We humans, unlike say Cougars in the Andes do not have to physically vanquish an opponent to become the new ruler of a particular profession. We have thankfully evolved beyond that since the time our ape-like ancestors climbed down from the trees! Being ready for us means - have you learnt your craft well? Have you spent a few thousand hours absorbed in mastering your craft? So that when the time comes, you can unleash your talent on the world and become the new sensation.

There is Nothing Called an Overnight Sensation

Ask all the current kings of the creative or business world - those who are on top of their game and whose works the public adore. They did not just wake up one fine day and decided to overthrow the current kings without becoming as skillful or more skillful than the ones that came before them. Mozart is known to have said, 'People admire my works and call me a genius. But if they knew the amount of years and years I have spent honing my craft, they wouldn't be so easily flattering!' The so-called overnight sensations in the world of music, films, fashion, art, literature have been at it for years before they became famous. They were single-minded in their determination to succeed - working hard, becoming better with every passing year until they were good enough for the world to admire their craft. Most people only saw the sudden fame, fortune and adulation. No one saw the invisible years of sweat, toil, determination and dedication that went behind the making of the current king.

Are You Working On Your Craft Right Now?

One of the rules of thumbs that you can safely apply in life is this - It takes about 2 - 4 years just to get 'good' at an activity that you are passionate about. And I really mean - JUST TO GET GOOD AT IT! It then takes a further 2 - 4 years to become a 'master' at it. And well, at the 10 + year level is where the Genius Level really kicks in! And if you want to beat the Geniuses who are already in the game, it will do you no good to just sit on your arse and watch TV in your spare time or play that game on your phone. You are just making the TV advertisers and the app developers rich! Your dream of being the greatest EDM artist from India will remain only that - a pipedream - if you don't start learning your craft from the very best in the business and start working hard so that when the time comes to prove yourself, you can beat the ruling King and become the new Monarch of Dance, Bollywood, Rock, Pop, Rap, Indie!


Atin DasguptaAtin Dasgupta is an entrepreneur and a Music Composer / Sound Engineer. Leveljam – a community of computer music programmers in India is an initiative that is very close to his heart. His Music can be heard here -