Must Have Plugins and VSTS
February 6, 2020Music Production

Top Must Have VST Plugins and Virtual Synthesizers

Plugins and synthesizers are two things that are critical for every music composer’s studio (to be precise, it’s their virtual studio and not even a real one). Without these two add-on features, VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is incomplete. These plugins give a lot of flexibility in terms of creation and processing of music. But why do you need a v …

Music Production Institutes Mumbai
January 28, 2020Music Production

Best Music Production Softwares for Producing Songs

The world of music is a complex fantasy. Most of the elements in it seem to come out of a dream. And when it comes to composing music , it seems as if you are tinkering with magic, just like a wizard. Balancing the notes of a tune into a melody and slogging away in a home studio, ah, that’s pure divinity! After all, music is just like a language tha …

Qualities Music Producer
December 30, 2019Music Production

Why Introverts Make Great Music Producers

I have been reading a great book by Susan Cain called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking . This book confirms what I have believed and felt all along in life – That the really great world-changing ideas and work of great artistic and long term merit is created by people who love solitude. In a world where c …

One Man Music Productions
November 17, 2014Music Production

The Age of One Man Shows

The world of media has indeed undergone a sea change. There is a revolution in the making and if as an artist you are far removed from the revolution, then you can only feel sorry for yourself when you are old and your productive life is drawing to a close. I think it was Picasso who said, “ The real and the greatest artists of any medium will …

Singers Producing Songs
November 13, 2014Music Production

Why Singers Must Learn to Produce Music

Singers beware – your species in India at least is going to be out of work very soon! Why, you ask? Because all the music directors and music composers in India are singing their own songs these days. And why not? It makes a lot of sense. A music composer singing his own song is probably the best person in the world to sing that song bar none …

Music Business Scams
November 9, 2014Music Production

Beware of Music Business Sharks

Here’s the thing about music. Like another thing called love, music can – Logon ka deewana bana deta hai! A small segment of the population can claim to be music-neutral meaning that music doesn’t really affect them emotionally to any great extent. It doesn’t matter to them whether any music is playing or not. These people a …

Emotional Response to Music
August 18, 2014Songwriting

Why Music is All About Emotion

‘Music is the language of emotion’ , as the saying goes. We human beings are a species that vocalizes partly to communicate information and partly to communicate our emotional state. A mother and her baby for example uses melodious vocalizing to bond with each other emotionally. Since music communicates emotion, music may actually owe it …

Enjoying Music Production
August 12, 2014Music Production

How To Create a Hedonic Response To Your Songs

Here’s the truth that most people who want to learn music production have to swallow sooner than later – Understanding music production softwares and vst’s is far easier than understanding songwriting! Now I know that’s a bitter pill to swallow for most youngsters who enter the world of music production all starry eyed but s …

Bollywoos Music Sucks
August 1, 2014Music Production

Why Today’s Bollywood Music Generally Sucks

Alright, lets be honest, Bollywood Music of today’s times sucks big time! Most of the apologies in the name of songs being heard around us are basically promos being made to sell shitty films! Most of the film music directors of today’s times barring a few are hacks! What is a hack? Well, a hack is a hustler who is trying to push and se …

Inspiration Motivation Music Production
January 28, 2014Music Production

You are A Unique Piece of Work

I read the Times of India every day. I also go through the Indian Express, the Economic Times, the Mid Day and the Mumbai Mirror everyday (yes I spend 1 hour leisurely reading newspapers every morning!) but I have to read the TOI every day. Its the first paper that I pick up from the fat bunch of newspapers that arrive at my doorstep every morning. …

Rock Pop Music Producers India
December 31, 2013Music Production

Why Every Band in India Needs A Music Producer

If you are a band member performing in any of the thousands of pop, rock bands and groups in India today, then you can ill afford to ignore the gravity behind the title of my post today. Hundreds of bands form in India every year and hundreds of bands die every year. Reason – most of them are unable to make any impact on the musical scene. If …

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