Finger Length Musical Ability
December 27, 2013Music Production

Link Between Finger Length and Musical Ability

I was reading Psychologist Richard Wiseman ‘s seminal book on human behaviour – 59 Seconds (easily downloadable from any online ebook store). Its a book that if you really read and follow can help you really really understand the motivations of human beings in doing what they do and in a way help you to understand how to control others s …

Music Producers India
December 22, 2013Music Production

3 Common Mistakes Amateur Music Producers Make

If you are a die hard music-creation addict like me, then chances are, you must be familiar with the No. 1 Music Producer’s Forum – . The forum’s main contributors and readers are mostly comprised of intermediate-level music producer (mainly Americans, Germans, Brits and Australians) and sound engineering …

Song Writing Secrets
December 22, 2013Music Production

Turn Up The Volume

Does Your Song Make Your Audience Turn Up It’s Volume It’s a very simple test for popularity – Does your song want to make you or others reach for the volume knob? It goes without saying that the intention to reach for the volume knob must be to turn up the decibels and not turn it down – in the case of the latter you have got a bi …

Truth About Indie Bands
October 19, 2013Music Production

Why Indie Bands in India Need To Reinvent Themselves

There are hundreds of great indie bands out there in India and new bands are being formed by teenagers and guys in their 20-somethings eager to get into the whole experience of making music with others and playing in front of a live audience. Which is great! Playing in a band is fun and if your music becomes popular and you can tour the country and …

Music production studio set up Mumbai
September 3, 2013Music Production

Hardware Requirements For Music Production Studio

We get a lot of queries from those who are interested in  learning music production but do not have the requisite tools required for the same at their homes. So here we have listed below the hardware components required for a Windows PC systems to enable you to create professional music as of the year 2020. Internal The latest gaming processors from I …

Quality Music Producers Mumbai
August 10, 2013Music Production

Qualities Required To Be a Good Music Producer

A lot of inquiries for music production training come to us from smaller cities like Gwalior, Patna and Pune (if they can be called small cities anymore!). These guys are fresh out of college with enthusiasm and money to spend on music education but most of them are befuddled about the rigor and discipline required to learn music programming . We ha …

Music Production Programming Creativity
June 22, 2013Music Production

How to Bypass Barriers to Creativity

I think it is pretty daunting for people to wake up and think that they can just create music one fine day. I know the music bug keeps biting people all the time – professionals who are caught up in their jobs and who want to get into the music scene in some way – performing mostly but also producing songs. But the lizard brain keeps sa …

Music Productin Tutors Mumbai
April 15, 2013Music Production

Why Knowledge is The Scarcest Resource of All

I came across this pretty inspiring speech by Ronald Reagan the other day in an ebook some parts of which struck me as highly relevant even today though the speech was delivered way back in 1988 around the time preceding the fall of the Iron Curtain. The full speech can be accessed here – In his address to the students at Moscow State University, then American President Ronald Reagan spoke of computers, “Linked by a network of satellites and fiber-optic cables, one individual with a desktop computer and a telephone commands resources unavailable to the largest governments just a few years ago.” I could rephrase that, “Powered by an array of cheap and powerful processors, music production softwares and hardwares, an average individual today with a desktop computer, an external hard drive and a midi controller commands resources that were unavailable to AR Rahman when he arranged the music of Roja! Information Wants to Be Free After all, the caveman had the same natural resources at their disposal as we have today, and the difference between their standard of living and ours is a difference between the knowledge they could bring to bear on those resources and the knowledge used today – —Thomas Sowell, Knowledge and Decisions, 1996 Pretty deep truth that but it’s true. Data and information is available by the planeloads to any aspiring music producer in the country today. Tons of cheap DAW’s to choose from (free if you are pirating it!), megatons of high quality loops, samples, instrument plugin softwares and vst’s (again free if you are copying it from a friend’s hard drive), a range of hardware that gets cheaper and cheaper by the day. A 2 TB hard drive costs less than Rs. 5,000 as of today! It is an unthinkable amount of storage capacity and the price+capacity equation would have boggled the mind 5 years ago! Yet I find myself running out of space as easily today as I did 5 years ago and as I will 5 years from now! The Scarcest Resource Of All You Need To Know How Much To Turn on that Knob! In the late […]

Making Grooves Music Programming
April 6, 2013Music Production

Create Music That Grooves

If you are a student of music production and programming , you will quickly realise that it is futile to try and learn to create all styles of music because you will never enjoy the process. For example the songs that someone creates may veer towards a groovy and a very organic non-click-based classic rock and r’n’b sound and feel wh …

Singers Music Production
March 29, 2013Music Production

What Do You Mean You Dont Sing

The Wide Gulf Between Music Performers and Music Listeners Why does there exist such a vast gap between those who create music and consider themselves lucky to do so and between those who simply listen and profess to have no musical bone in their bodies? There seems to be some sort of an unbridgeable chasm that exists that prevents people from se …

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