Amit Phutela Music Video Director

Amt Phutela

Music Video Director

Home: Mumbai
Experience: 8+ years
Specialization: Music Videos / Ad Films / Animation & VFX

Worked in

  • Music Videos
  • Ad Films
  • Corporate Films
  • Animation & VFX


Amit is an experienced music video director who lives and works in Chandigarh. As a director he has worked in various capacities starting as an assistant director, director for music videos, films and programming head for PBN television channel. Armed with a bachelors in Animation & Multimedia from Chandigarh University, Amit has a diverse range of skills that makes him an excellent visualiser and director. Amit has exceptional communication and networking skills and knows how to successfully work in a team environment as well as an independent player. He has the ability to work under pressure and multi-task which helps him to get the job done amidst tight deadlines but still deliver extremely high quality results.


Amit has directed music videos for many Punjabi artists and music labels inlcuding Punjabi artists such as Roshan Prince, Waris, Deep Pabla and many others. Hailing from Punjab, Amit can direct son-of-the-soil music videos with ease as well as stylish and glamorous high octane videos.

Due to his versatility as a director and film maker, Amit can direct a wide variety of films within the moving pictures medium. He has directed many ad films of repute for a wide number of national brands and ad agencies.

Amit can also direct fiction and non-fiction based short films, documentaries and corporate AV’s and promos.


Direction 90%
Screenplay 80%
Animation VFX 70%
Editing 60%

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