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Bhumesh Das

Music Video Director

Home: Mumbai
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Music Videos / Ad Films / Animation & VFX

Worked in

  • Music Videos
  • Ad Films
  • Corporate Films
  • Animation & VFX


Born and raised in Mumbai, Bhumesh graduated as an engineer and is a Filmmaker by profession and passion. Bhumesh’s works often explore themes of social disparities in different subcultures as well as visual meditations on the effects of pop culture. He always tries to bring a humanistic quality to his visuals, spun around concepts of connectivity and empathy, boldly exploring outside the lines to show how cinematic grandeur can be achieved when rules are disregarded.

Bhumesh has been working on all types of visuals to create transcendent, richly imaginative visual products be it Music Videos, Short films, Corporate films Ad films, Animation & Vfx. His music videos and other work has has been accumulating 8 million + views on YouTube. Bhumesh believes that flexibility to work on different projects using new technologies has given him the opportunities to advance what the audience understands as a music video even if it means extending into different genres, and collaborating with other artists and directors. For Bhumesh Flexibility as a Director is key in this Viral age.


Bhumesh has directed many music videos ranging from sublime and dark to funny and surreal. His videos have been appreciated not only for the aesthetics but have also garnered millions of views.

Bhumesh is also an excellent director of ad films, corporate films and animation and VFX related work. He has excellent contacts in the industry owning to which he can work with all types of budgets and complexity of projects.

Being a fiction based film maker Bhumesh has created many short films and videos around subjects of loneliness and the human condition. His videos are technically flawless and keeps the viewer engrossed till the end.


Direction 90%
Screenplay 80%
Animation VFX 70%
Editing 60%

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