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Karan Bajpai

Music Video Director

Home: Delhi
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Music Videos / Ad Films / Corporate AV’s / Product Showcase

Worked in

  • Music Videos
  • Ad Films
  • Corporate Films
  • Product Films


Born and raised in Delhi, Karan is an experienced Music Video Director. Having graduated from the National Institute of Mass Communication, Karan has immersed himself in the world of direction. He specialises in music videos, corporate AV’s, event films and product showcases. As a director Karan takes charge of most of the aspects of a production involving conceptualization, location scouting, casting and the post production process. Collectively the music videos directed by Karan have garnered over 10 Million Views on YouTube and counting!


Karan has directed many music videos for popular artists including Lil Golu and other current artists. His videos have striking camera work and dazzling editing helping the artists stand out and gain views and subscribers.

Karan is also equally adept at creating corporate AV’s and documentary style videos for individuals and companies who want to showcase their products or services.

Being a mass media graduate and a film buff makes him equally adept at both fiction and non fiction category of film making.


Direction 90%
Cinmeatography 80%
Editing 70%
DI 75%

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