Must Have Plugins and VSTS
February 6, 2020Music Production

Top Must Have VST Plugins and Virtual Synthesizers

Plugins and synthesizers are two things that are critical for every music composer’s studio (to be precise, it’s their virtual studio and not even a real one). Without these two add-on features, VST (Virtual Studio Technology) is incomplete. These plugins give a lot of flexibility in terms of creation and processing of music. But why do you need a v …

Bollywoos Music Sucks
August 1, 2014Music Production

Why Today’s Bollywood Music Generally Sucks

Alright, lets be honest, Bollywood Music of today’s times sucks big time! Most of the apologies in the name of songs being heard around us are basically promos being made to sell shitty films! Most of the film music directors of today’s times barring a few are hacks! What is a hack? Well, a hack is a hustler who is trying to push and se …

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