Bollywoos Music Sucks
August 1, 2014Music Production

Why Today’s Bollywood Music Generally Sucks

Alright, lets be honest, Bollywood Music of today’s times sucks big time! Most of the apologies in the name of songs being heard around us are basically promos being made to sell shitty films! Most of the film music directors of today’s times barring a few are hacks! What is a hack? Well, a hack is a hustler who is trying to push and se …

Rock Pop Music Producers India
December 31, 2013Music Production

Why Every Band in India Needs A Music Producer

If you are a band member performing in any of the thousands of pop, rock bands and groups in India today, then you can ill afford to ignore the gravity behind the title of my post today. Hundreds of bands form in India every year and hundreds of bands die every year. Reason – most of them are unable to make any impact on the musical scene. If …

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