Pop Music Producers Mumbai

Chloe Dodd

Operations Head

Home: Mumbai
Experience: 15+ years
Specialization: Operations


    Chloe handles operations for Leveljam’s all four distinct business verticals namely music production, EMP education, Music Video Production and Mixing and Mastering. Having worked at major record labels in the US for many years, Chloe decided to return to her hometown Mumbai and immerse herself in the burgeoning Indie music scene.

    At Leveljam, Chloe handles marketing, sales as well as customer relations. Her excellent PR skills ensure that she is able to find and retain the best talent that suits our business goals and objectives. With sharp analytical skills and also possessing ample skills in the legal department, Chloe is able to efficiently manage our workflow and also guide and mentor budding artists who are trying to find a foothold in the Music Industry.


    Chloe thrives on complexity and can find simple solutions to difficult challenges. Her sharp observational skills and attention to detail helps her solve everyday issues.

    As someone who has worked in the marketing department of record companies abroad, Chloe understands the quality of work that is required to pass her high standards of excellence.

    Chloe understands the needs of every artist especially those who are beginning their career and can create a marketing strategy to suit every budget and demand that an artist has.


    Operations 90%
    Talent Management 75%
    Budgeting 80%
    Marketing 70%
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