Song Writing Secrets

Does Your Song Make Your Audience Turn Up It’s Volume

It’s a very simple test for popularity – Does your song want to make you or others reach for the volume knob? It goes without saying that the intention to reach for the volume knob must be to turn up the decibels and not turn it down – in the case of the latter you have got a big problem in your hands! This aspect is a simple but often overlooked test for song popularity. I think all budding music producers and programmers out there would do well to remember this one principle before they set out to start distributing their tracks to the general populace.

Look back and remember the times yourself when a song that you like comes on your stereo whether at home or in the car. You instinctively reach for the dial to turn it up for that one song! After the song is over, you turn the volume back to the regular level that you are accustomed to listening to. Its an instinctive human reaction. Read on below for pointers to understand how well your song passes the ‘volume knob’ test.

So, well how do you make a song that makes everyone reach for the volume knob? 

1. Create a catchy memorable melody. There is no escaping this. If your song has catchy hooks and melodic phrases it will endear itself to the public imagination.

2. It must have a groove. That means that the rhythm section which constitutes the drum parts, percussion and bass must gel together to create a solid harmonic element that can make you want to shake your booty or even your head! Your groove must make people who cant dance want to dance!

3. Solid drums and percussion – so that means well defined and discernible hi hats, snares, toms, shakers, tambs & other percussion samples that are snappy, clear and cuts like a knife throughout the song.

4. Great Vocals & Harmonies. Though not a must, a powerful or expressive vocalist and smooth harmonies can take the song to another level altogether.

5. Great arrangement, great mixing and mastering. What good is great mixing and mastering if the basic arrangement of the song is poor? Similarly what good is great arrangement if the mix of the song leaves much to be desired?

Follow these steps above and you will have a masterful song on your hands that the audience will remember for years to come.

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