About us

Creating a Level Playing Field For Independent Music to Flourish in India

You cannot stop an idea whose time has come!
 Leveljam is the personal blog and website of Atin Dasgupta - a music programmer and composer who is based in Mumbai, India. Our mission is to create a new generation of 'Computer Musicians' who will in the future create. distribute and perform their music independently outside the realm of the mainstream Indian music scene thus unleashing a fresh burst of sounds and talent on the jaded music scene in the country today. To that effect, we aim to not just publish useful tips, strategies and tactics that the 'Computer Musician' of today needs to succeed in the music industry but also help train those who are interested with the basics of music programming, mixing and mastering on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and guide them as they navigate the tough, arduous but ultimately fulfilling and rewarding vocation of professional music production.

For the Accomplished Computer Musician

We aim to make Leveljam an online hub for talented 'Computer Musicians' all over the country who can showcase their works in progress, write about the creative process behind their finished songs and ultimately upload their finished tracks for the world to hear and download. At Leveljam there are no rules. If you are an advanced 'Computer Musician', please contribute your songs for us to hear and put up on the site. If you have created a song that you are proud of, we would also like to hear the evolution of the song and it's various versions leading up to the mix that you are finally proud of. You could share tips on the inspiration behind your song, how you layered and sequenced the tracks, live instruments used, your DAW of preference, your favourite mastering tools, your eq'ing preferences, the fx and vst's that were used to create certain tracks, etc. You could even upload bounced or unmixed tracks of your song so that people can learn from you by downloading the file and open it on their softwares and even re-mix and re-master your tracks and make alternate versions with your permission of course!

Leveljam is a community of giving. If you have a gift for creating music on your computer we really want you to share your tracks with us. In fact, comments from the members could even help you to fine tune and polish your track and make it even better. Remember we are not a Soundcloud - we are not asking for your final mixed and mastered track. We want to hear your tracks whatever the level of production that it is currently at. So do not hesitate to send us your music even it it is a work in progress or if you are not fully satisfied with it yet. Of course the track needs to sound listenable! All the instrumental tracks and voices especially the vocals must be in key, the rhythm section must be tight, and the song must be decently harmonised.

If you'd like to share your finished tracks on the site send us a small article about the track, include some snapshots of your mix, fx tools and vst's used and any other information that can help the community learn more about your creative process. You are also welcome to send us a project file of your track in .rar format mentioning the software, plugins and vst's used and the file format used which can be downloaded by users who use the same software as you do.

For the Learning Computer Musician

The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.

At Leveljam we strongly believe that the future star music composers of tomorrow are lurking in our backyard. They have the songs and the ideas but may not have the skills to convert these musical ideas into polished songs that can compete with the best-produced music playing out there. All they need is a trigger and an opportunity to learn how to do it. On this site, you can pick up tips and tactics from accomplished Indian music programmers who are busy creating wonderful music on their computers.

From July onwards, we are also starting experimental weekend music production training workshops of two hours duration in Mumbai as well as daily evening batches from 7 - 9 pm in the evening. Here you will be taught to operate, create, mix and master a track from scratch on Steinberg's Cubase. Please remember the aim of these workshops is not to profit but to spread the knowledge of creating music on a computer with anyone interested enough to learn on a basic budget so that over time we can create a 'level' playing field for every aspiring music producer in the country! We strongly believe that ours is a social cause which is why the applicable fees is only going to cover our basic costs.

Please note that this workshop is only for those who understand the basics of western music theory. If you cannot play at least one musical instrument or know the ABC's of the language of western music, we suggest that you take some music lessons for a year and then come to us. That way you will progress fast and we will at the same time enjoy our association with you! Learn more about our music programming workshops on the FAQ page.

All music submissions and music production workshop queries can be addressed to Atin Dasgupta on atin.dasgupta@gmail.com