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Leveljam is a Audio & Video Production House that can help launch your career as a music artist. We can produce your music, help you produce your music videos and if you want to learn how to learn music production we can help you do that too! We have some of the most experienced artists, music producers, music video directors and music production tutors to help launch a new wave of Indie artists in India!

We produce your melodies

Music Production

Music production has for a long time now escaped the confines of large format recording studios and entered the bedroom! But as many budding music producers realise it requires years of practice, talent, dedication and experience before one can create a chart hit that makes one’s career. At Leveljam, we have some of the best producers spanning EDM, Bollywood, Pop and Rock genres so that whatever the style of music or melody you have in mind, we can transform that into a polished release-ready track that is edited, mixed and mastered to the highest levels.

Directors for your Music Video

Music Videos

You have a song that is mastered and ready to be released to the public. But how do you get your song heard by the public and the music industry at large? Well you have to produce a great music video that complements your song and creates interest in you as an artist. At Leveljam, we have budding young music directors from across the country who have directed music videos for artists that have garnered millions of hits on YouTube. These same directors will be directing the video that will help you realise your ambitions of becoming a music super star.

Polish your songs

Mixing & Mastering

Even though bedroom music producers and programmers now have all the best software tools available to them to produce their songs what is often lacking is a quality set of ears that have years of experience behind them! Our mixing and mastering engineers will take your bounced tracks or stems and create the punch, dynamics and the loudness required to ensure that your mixes not only translate well across various listening devices but also meet the loudness standards required for streaming audio across the most popular platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Studio One, Logic Pro, Ableton etc.

Learn Music Production

Learning music production and becoming a competent music producer is just not as easy as installing a DAW and having all the latest VST’s and softsynths as many a wannabe music producer soon finds out! Our expert music production tutors know exactly how to speed up the learning process for a student depending on the music that he / she wants to create and his / her background knowledge of music theory and composition. Whatever the DAW you choose and whatever the genre of music you want to produce, we can help you quickly grasp the tools required to produce your first hit song!

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