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Leveljam is a Music Video Production house in Mumbai that specialises in the production of top class Music Videos. Unlike other directors or production houses that are into a variety of other things like ads, commercials or movies our focus is Music Videos only! The result is that we have some of the best cutting edge music video directors in India associated with us. These music videos have collectively garnered millions of views for first time as well as established artists.

Best Music Video Directors

Why Us

We understand the needs of Music Producers and Fresh Artists mainly because we are immersed in the world of music ourselves. We understand the nervousness of first time artists who want to get a music video made and understand that budgets may be limited. Accordingly we have a team of directors who can work with different budgets and create concepts according to the budgets so that shooting, location and production costs are kept under control.

  • Young Music Video Directors
  • Can Work with Limited Budgets
  • Just Share Your Song. We do the rest.
  • Assured of Professional Quality Video Production

Why Make a Music Video

If you are an aspiring artist, singer, musician or band then sooner than later you will have to create a music video to get your music “out there” and ensure that you get due recognition for your efforts and your talent. A good music video released on YouTube and other social media channels will ensure that you are officially an “artist” and that your music has been “released” in the market for public consumption. What happens thereafter is anybody’s guess. If your music is good and the music video has been made well then you can look forward to a blazing “career” in the world of Music and films. A Music Video is proof that you are serious about your music and you want the world to hear your talent and appreciate it. Without a music video it will be extremely difficult for you to gain traction of any kind or popularity because your music simply will not be able to reach a large number of people or reach the right people who can make a huge difference to your career. Simply put, a music video is a must-have in today’s world and can make the difference between anonymity and stardom!

How It Works

Send us the song

Send us your song on private account on Soundcloud or YouTube through Whatsapp or email.

Concept approval

After hearing your song we create a story or a concept and also incorporate your own ideas about the video.

Budget Approval

After you approve the concept we discuss the budget and give you a breakdown of the total cost.

Shooting Begins

After you pay 75 % advance payment the shooting of your music video begins with full cast and crew.

Post Production

After balance payment, offline and online editing starts and we hand over the final HD file to you.


How much does it cost to make a Music Video?

Producing a Music Video can cost anywhere between ₹ 1 lakh to ₹ 10 lakhs or even more. There was a time when the quality of low budget music videos would clearly suffer because of technical issues such as poor quality cameras and gear. But in today's world 4 k or even 8 k digital cameras are now commonplace and high quality cameras and lenses can be hired for a few thousand rupees a day. So a music video can even be produced for as low as ₹ 25,000 and still look amazing provided there is a competent director and camera person behind it. The price of technical components and gear may have come down but it still takes a highly talented and experienced team of Director + DOP to create a stunning music video. So to underline what we have said above, if you want to have a really amazing music video to complement your song, an average budget of ₹ 1.5 lakhs should be considered as a bare minimum.

What if I want to keep my song confidential?

No problem. We understand that you may be worried about leaking your song in the initial phases. Just send us a YouTube or a Soundcloud link of a similar song by another artist and we can work with that until the day of your shoot. On the day of your shoot you will have to give us the song to use on the playback system for lip syncing purposes.

Can we sign a contract for confidentiality?

Yes of course. If you would like before you send us your song we can sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between you the artist and us the production house so that you are rest assured about total secrecy about your project.

How much time would it take to produce my music video?

That depends on how fast you want it done. If locking the concept for the music video takes too long then the entire timeline for the music video can suffer. Similarly if you are unable to furnish 75 % of the total production cost for the music video in advance then the pre-production and shoot timelines will get delayed. If everything happens on time, a music video can be shot, edited, colour corrected and handed over to you within 7 days from start to finish!

How much time would it take to shoot my music video?

Again the shooting period of the music video depends on the concept and the budget and the number of shooting locations involved along with various other factors such as availability of cast and crew, weather conditions etc. Typically most music video shoots are wrapped up within 2 days. Most low budget music videos can be wrapped up within a single day of shooting.

How much time would it take to edit my music video?

The post production process consists of 2 phases. The first is the cutting of shots and lining them up on the editing software. This is called the “offline” phase. After you approve of the offline edit, the edit is locked and cannot be changed anymore. The offline edit then moves to the online phase where the footage is upgraded to HD and colour correction and DI (Digital Intermediate) happens. Typically both offline and online editing does not take more than 3 – 4 days in all.

What are the payment terms?

Once the concept and story for the music video is locked, we will require advance payment totaling upto 75% of the total fixed budget for the music video. Only after the payment is made will the pre-production process of the music video start.

Do I need to be physically present during pre production?

No. We can work with you entirely through email or Whatsapp during the concept, casting and pre-production stage. If you are a part of the main cast of the music video you will of course have to arrive at the decided location on the day of the shoot. After shooting is done, you can choose to be involved in the post production stage only if you wish or else you can go back home. We can mail you the offline and online edit for your approval and also mail you the entire finished music video once its done.

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