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Leveljam is one of the oldest music production training and music programming training institutes in India. Based in Mumbai we have imparted thousands of hours of music production training to students of all age groups and have churned out many budding and established music producers of repute. We have over the years consciously moved away from a classroom-based teaching format to long distance online learning. Thanks to the Coronovirus pandemic that gripped the world starting from the early months of 2020 and the fact that education and even work has now moved to a home-based online system, we have realised that we were ahead of the curve and graduating to an online based teaching format was a step in the right direction.

Learn Music Production

Why Online Learning

Music Production is a field of work that is tailor-made for online education. It is a technical process that is based on knowledge of mostly software tools that can be not only brought online but also installed on the student’s computer or laptop by the student himself or remotely by a technician sitting in any corner of the world! All the student needs is a decent internet connection and the music production softwares and VST’s that are required to create music on the computer. Learning and mastering music production is solitary work and being alone in a room at home with one’s computer and being taught one-on-one by a private online instructor is actually the fastest way to becoming an expert music producer!

How to Become a Music Producer

Our online music production course will introduce learners to the theoretical and practical aspects of MIDI which is electronic music production as well as audio recording, music programming, sound design and sound engineering. Students will be guided in a step-by-step manner of the methodology of modern music production in various music genres from pop music to EDM to rock & Bollywood. Students will learn to program songs through  DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) such as Studio One, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Cubase and FL Studio and also learn general synthesis and the various methods of synthesis achieved through the most commonly used DAW’s and Virtual Studio Instruments (VSTi’s). Our music production course will enable students to program and arrange complete songs from scratch, learn to produce drum beats and grooves, learn how to use the most commonly used VST’s, synths and Romplers such as Omnisphere, Massive, Nexus, Stylus etc., learn how to use eq, compressors and other effects processors and finally how to mix and master your songs to create a slick and polished song that sounds professionally produced.

How It Works

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Call us for a free consultation about your goals or your son’s / daughter’s musical goals. We will discuss your or your ward’s current knowledge about music and the genre of music that you want to start creating. Click on the call button below!

Hardware Setup

We send you a list of the minimum hardware setup that you would need to start producing music from home such as cheapest mics, speakers, sound cards and also PC configuration such as motherboard, processor, ram etc.

Software Setup

We remotely set up all softwares on your PC or Mac including DAW’s and VST’s so that you have all the softwares, virtual studio instruments, libraries and samples required to start producing world class songs from your home studio.

Training Begins

Your music production tutor starts training you in 1.5 hr. sessions 2 or 3 times / week depending on your current level of competence and understanding of music theory and how fast you are able to learn and grasp music production techniques.

Lifetime Support

Our informal mentor-student approach ensures that your music production tutor will always be around to help you when you get stuck even after the course is over. Whether it is DAW or VST-related help or other tech support we are always there!

Why We are Better

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5 years in 1 year

Learn Fast

Thanks to our over decade long experience in teaching music production we know the hurdles that most newcomers and students face when trying to learn music production. We know where the students get stuck and what are the shortcuts that they need to know to fast track the learning process. Whereas other institutes can take more than 1 year or even more to teach you music production we have condensed the learning process to a 3 month period.

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Save Money

No Hidden Costs

Learning music production as most students and parents find out is not just paying the fees for the learning part. You will also need to spend on hardware such as mics, midi keyboard, speakers etc. When you factor in the cost for a high end PC or Mac, the costs quickly add up. With us, we take care of all music software and VST’s costs which are factored in our tuition fees itself. So you dont have to pay your nose for installation of DAW’s and VST’s.

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No Struggle Period

Start Earning

After spending ₹ 3 – 4 lakhs and even more and many months trying to learn music production, the real job begins viz. trying to find a job that pays well and leads to a satisfying and fulfilling career. Due to our reputation in the music production space, we hook up our students with well known music programmers, studios and production houses. And if you are talented enough you can even start teaching our new students! And we pay well!

How We Differ

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Your partner not teacher

Consultative Approach

Unlike other music production institutes which consist of a typical teacher-student classroom setting, we on the other hand consider ourselves as your partner – someone who will work with you to make your dreams come true! We understand that you want to make music in a particular style of music and want to get your music heard and appreciated by the public. Before you start learning we try to understand the genre of music that you want to create and accordingly tailor the teaching syllabus according to your needs. For e.g. why waste time learning synthesis and sound design when your genre is rock and all you want to know is how to program a song using Addictive Drums, Guitar Rig and EZ Bass?! This not only speeds up the learning process by focusing with a laser-like approach on a few selected VST’s but also frees up your time to practice and get better at your craft!

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Professional Mixing Services

Guidance at all Stages

When you enrol for our online Music Production course, we help you to first of all ensure that you prepare your home studio in the right manner which includes advice on choosing the right location in your house, how to eliminate all background noise, basic acoustic treatment of your room and placement of your equipment. After that we help you choose the right computer for your task whether Mac, Hackintosh or PC. If you need help in assembling your computer from scratch we can help you with that as well. After that we advice you on the right music production equipment to buy that fits within your budget. That includes choosing the right DAW for your need, choosing your audio interface, studio monitors, microphone and headphones. We also install all the softwares and VST’s for you! Once you have your home recording studio in place, it is time to start learning!

Electronic Music Production Course

1st Quarter
  • History of Electronic Music
  • Synthesis: Lead Instruments / Bass / Pads
  • Creating Grooves and Rhythm
  • DAW’s (Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton)
  • Sound Effects
  • How to Arrange a Song
  • Home Studio Basics
  • Studio Recording Essentials
  • Music Programming
  • Mixing & Mastering Music
  • Remixing a song
2nd Quarter
  • Understanding MIDI Protocol
  • Analogue Synthesis
  • Advanced Sound Synthesis
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Sound Design – Layers & Textures
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Vocal Production & Harmonies
  • Aspiring student must be minimum 18 years of age or older and must have parental approval to enrol for our course.
  • Aspiring student must have basic knowledge of Western Music Theory or know to play atleast one musical instrument reasonably well.
  • Must already own or plan to own a laptop or desktop computer with latest hardware, processor and atleast 8 GB RAM.
  • Must have a working knowledge and understanding of Hindi and English.

Payment Plan 1

  • Registration Fee: ₹ 25,000/-
  • Course Fee: ₹ 1,25,000/-
  • Total: ₹ 1,50,000/-

Payment Plan 2

  • Registration Fee: ₹ 30,000/-
  • Monthly Instalments: 4 x ₹ 30,000/-
  • Total:  ₹ 1,50,000/-

Lifetime Support

Take a typical example of a student who enrols in a music production course at an institute. After the few hours of tutorials in a week, absolutely no support is given outside of office hours. It is during practice time at home when the real learning happens and that is when it is most likely that the student will get stuck on certain aspects. At that time there is no one to help the student quickly overcome his doubts. Similarly if the student gets stuck on softwares or if certain VST’s do not work, there is no quick online support to rectify those issues. This can be a highly frustrating experience and also lengthen the duration of time that it takes to master music production. Unlike other music production institutes, we will not only be online at all times to teach you about music production but we are also there for online support in case you get stuck when you are at home practicing or recording.Through softwares like Teamviewer, we can remotely take over your computer or laptop and solve all issues and resolve any queries whether it is creative or technical. At Leveljam we are just a call or a whatsapp query away. Our trainings take into consideration our decade worth of experience and also factor in a “human” guru-shishya approach to teaching. Our tutors are not only teachers but also a mentor, guide and a friend for life!


How much does the Music Production Course Cost?

Our Music Production Course costs ₹ 1 lakh 50 thousand for a six month course.

What is the Music Production course duration?

The Music Production course consists of 2 quarters of training with each quarter consisting of 3 months training each.

How many classes are done in a week?

There will be a minimum of 2 classes or more per week depending on your knowledge of music and whether you are at a beginner, intermediate and advanced level and how fast you are able to grasp music production techniques. You will be given assignments before proceeding to the next class at every stage.

What are the contents of the Music Production Course?

In the first quarter you will learn the history of electronic music, synthesis, creating grooves and rhythm and learning how to use DAW's. You will also learn how to arrange a song, treat your room for recording vocals and live instruments, learn music programming using MIDI and also learn the basics of mixing and mastering. You will also learn how to remix a song in different genres of music. In the second quarter you will learn analogue mixing and advanced sound synthesis, sound design and how to create layers and textures. You will also learn advanced Mixing techniques such as sidechaining and how to master your track to the specifications required by audio streaming sites and YouTube. In the second quarter you will also learn vocal production and harmonies.

What DAW's do you Teach?

We teach students how to use the best and most commonly used DAW's on the market such as Studio One, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Cubase, Reason and Reaper.

Where is your institute located?

We are located in Andheri West in Mumbai. But currently we do not operate out of a classroom setting. Instead we help students anywhere in India set up their mini home studios first including setting up of all hardware and music softwares and VST's and then teach students online.

Are the classes in a group setting or is it individual training?

All classes are one-on-one private sessions because we believe that every student's learning needs are unique and hence music production cannot be taught in a group setting.

Is there a job guarantee after finishing the Music Production course?

There is no job guarantee but due to our long and established reputation as a reputed Music Production Institute, we place the best performing students with reputed Music Producers & Music Programmers working in Bollywood and the Indie Music Industry as well as recording studios and music labels who require budding talent. We also offer talented students paid opportunities to teach our fresher incoming students.

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