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If you are an aspiring artist, instrumentalist, singer, DJ, Music Composer or bedroom music producer, you know that you need to get a professional music video made if you want your music to be heard or want to attain popularity for your music which in turn will create the foundation for a successful career in music whether as a performing artist or a musician. But too often most young people out there trying to get a music video made are confused on how to go about getting their music video made. How do you find a director or a production house which will create a world class music video within a defined budget.

Enter Leveljam. We understand the most common questions that arise in the minds of those who want to get a music video made. How to find a good director who will make the video according to my references? How to ensure that my money is being spent properly? How to ensure that my music video stands out amidst the clutter?

Why Us

We understand the needs of Music Producers and Artists mainly because we are immersed in the world of music ourselves. We understand the nervousness of first time artists who want to get a music video made and understand that budgets may not be very high. Accordingly we have a team of directors and producers who can work with different budgets and create concepts according to the budgets so that shooting, location and production costs are kept under control.

  • Young Music Video Directors
  • Can Work with Limited Budgets
  • Just Share Your Song. We do the rest.
  • Assured of Professional Quality Video Production

Since we work with young and talented music video directors, you are assured of getting your money’s worth and also

Why You Should Make a Music Video

If you are an aspiring artist, singer, musician or band then sooner than later you will have to create a music video to get your music “out there” and ensure that you get due recognition for your efforts and your talent. A good music video released on YouTube and other social media channels will ensure that you are officially an “artist” and that your music has been “released” in the market for public consumption. What happens thereafter is anybody’s guess. If your music is good and the music video has been made well then you can look forward to a blazing “career” in the world of Music and films. A Music Video is proof that you are serious about your music and you want the world to hear your talent and appreciate it. Without a music video it will be extremely difficult for you to gain traction of any kind or popularity because your music simply will not be able to reach a large number of people or reach the right people who can make a huge difference to your career. Simply put, a music video is a must-have in today’s world and can make the difference between anonymity and stardom!

A Music Video can be shot in a single location like your house, a beach or a garden or can be shot in multiple locations that combine interior and exterior scenes. Alternatively, the music video can only feature you as the artist or have multiple actors and band members sharing screen space with you. Ideally your music video must be shot in multiple locations and have multiple actors apart from you as the main artist. This gives your video an expensive look and feel and also creates more interest for the viewer to remain engaged in watching your video.

Technology is your friend

Technology has made cameras, recording equipment and shooting setups cheaper and more compact with the result that one can achieve cinematic quality production and effects at a fraction of the cost that it took ten years back or earlier. But cheaper does not always translate to better. Even though the DSLR camera has come into the reach of everyone, shooting a quality music video will still require the input of talented people that include an experienced Director, DOP (Director of Photography) and Editor. Without a talented team to bring your music video to life, your video will look amateurish and will not garner enough “likes” or “views” to launch your music career.

At Leveljam, we first listen to your song and try to understand the genre and then based on your budget for the music video and our initial impression of the song, we suggest a possible plot or storyline for your music video. If you already have an idea for the music video we will refine your idea, set up shooting locations, decide on the extras and artists and create a proper shooting and post production plan. Once approved from your end, we take 50 % advance and then get a crew together and create a timeline for the shoot.

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