Music Video Directors Mumbai Kavira


Music Video Director

Home: Mumbai
Experience: 5+ years
Specialization: Music Videos / Ad Films / Animation & VFX

Worked in

  • Music Videos
  • Ad Films
  • Corporate Films
  • Animation & VFX


Born and raised in Meerut, Kavira works full time as a Music Video Director and also raps. Having multifaceted skills, Kavira has directed, shot and edited a number of music videos, short films, documentaries and advertising films. A graduate of visual arts, Kavira has a strong sense of creative styling, storytelling and editing. Having worked in low budget music videos in the beginning of his career has ensured that Kavira is skilled at working with whatever you have got – a style commonly known as “guerilla” style film making. This style of film making ensures that inspite of budgetary constraints, he can create a stunning and visually appealing music video that is shot on the fly in real life locations but looks highly professional and slick. Being strong minded about his creative style and his artistic vision ensures that Kavira can get a video shot, edited and delivered in a minimum amount of time. Being an excellent sketch artist is also an added skill to Kavira’s armour as it helps him effectively visualise shots and scenes and even create storyboards of the music video all by himself!


Kavira has directed many music videos ranging from dark to realistic and hard hitting. His videos have an international look and style and have also garnered millions of views on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Though his main forte is music videos, Kavira is also equally adept at various styles of film making such as advertising films, corporate AV’s and Graphics & Animation related work. Due to his multi faceted talents, Kavira can keep the costs down and create visually stunning ad films and other forms of videos.

Being a fiction based film maker Kavira has created many short films and videos around subjects of separation, anger and around topics concerning young people. Kavira has a special talent to connect with the youth and create videos that appeal to the youth of India.


Direction 90%
Screenplay 80%
Editing 70%
Storyboarding 60%

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