Finger Length Musical Ability

I was reading Psychologist Richard Wiseman‘s seminal book on human behaviour – 59 Seconds (easily downloadable from any online ebook store). Its a book that if you really read and follow can help you really really understand the motivations of human beings in doing what they do and in a way help you to understand how to control others subliminally and make them react positively to you ;-). Evil? Not really. In today’s world knowledge is power and if you are stupid and do not have the patience to read books by wise men (pun intended) to improve your own knowledge and insights about the world you live in, then you deserve to get what you are getting – in short as TV’s star comedian Kapil Sharma says – babaji ka thullu!

In the book, there is a chapter dedicated to the study of the hand’s finger length and it’s relation to psychological and physical abilities. If you are a musician or an artist read on. If you are an aspiring artist there may yet be hope for you! Hold your left hand palm up in front of you and examine the length of your first and third fingers.

Commonly your first finger will be slightly longer than your ring finger, and your hand will look like the hand below:

Ring Finger Musical Ability

On the other hand there will be people whose ring finger will be longer than their index finger like the one on the bottom left.

Musical Ability Inherent

After a substantial amount of research it has been proved that a longer third finger indicates a more masculine brain and body and those endowed with this trait perform better in sports, are more assertive than their peers, are more stable emotionally and here’s what I was coming to – have enhanced musical and creative ability. Naysayers will say that this is just not true and may point to their own artistic ability – exceptions will always remain but this fact remains true because Mr. Wiseman got this confirmed at the Hollywood Boulevard where handprints of some of the most successful artists in the business of creativity have their signatures, handprints and footprints set in concrete.

The prints of all the A list Hollywood actors including Paul Newman, Bruce Willis, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Johny Depp suggested that they are all an especially high testosterone-fuelled gang – the right hand ring finger ration compared to index finger were high in all of them! Here’s my right hand below. Looks like I am in august company!

Music Creativity Blog India

What’s your own finger length? If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then chances are you are already a musician or an accountant with a burning desire to create music. If you fall in the latter category, a good time to start being creative is today. Who knows how far you might go because you have the right genes on your side!

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