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Producing Accurate Acoustic Instrumentation for a Song

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Most of my music veers towards the sound of acoustic instruments such as pianos, horns, string instruments, woodwind instruments, guitars, and so on, together with various electric equivalents of some of these — electric guitar, electric piano etc. This is the style of music that I am most comfortable listening to and also most comfortable making. I believe the sound of the acoustic instrument has the ability to stir your soul which synthesized...

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The Barriers to Creativity & How You Bypass Them

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I have decided to break away from all those vsts and plugin talk to talk a little about creativity borrowing some ideas from some of my favourite music writers - with Billie Holiday - The Complete Billie Holiday on Columbia (1933-1944) compilation playing in the background! But first some gushing. I love my antique Pioneer HPM 40 speakers - it is what I mix my music on and what I...

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The Secret to Becoming a Good Music Programmer

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So whats' the secret to becoming good at what you do with anything in life for that matter?! Persistence and dogged determination! It helps if you are passionate about what you are doing because then sticking to it becomes easier. I took up music programming early this year and have attempted to document my learning process through this blog so that I and hopefully others too can look back at...

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