Song Arrangement Studio Mumbai
July 1, 2019


Song Programming We charge a minimum fee of ₹ 25,000/- for arranging & producing a finished track which is mixed and mastered and ready for release. Melody and lyrics have to be provided for the same. 25000₹/song Read more
Director for Music Video
July 1, 2019

Music Videos

Music Videos We have some of the brightest and best music video directors on board who will help you create a fantastic concept for your song and then direct, shoot and edit your video for release. 2 lakh₹/video Read more
July 1, 2019


Song Mixing If you have recorded and programmed your song, our sound engineers can mix your songs either with individual tracks or stems to world class standards. 10,000₹/song Read more
July 1, 2019


Song Mastering Our mastering engineers will test your song on every possible device right from high end home stereos to ipods and ensure that your final master is bright, punchy and alive. 10,000₹/song Read more
May 18, 2018


Learn Music Production If you are a music composer or aspiring DJ, learn to produce songs professionally using Music production softwares from one of the oldest Music Education Institute in Mumbai. 25,000₹/module Read more
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