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Why Singers Must Learn to Produce Music

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Singers beware - your species in India at least is going to be out of work very soon! Why, you ask? Because all the music directors and music composers in India are singing their own songs these days. And why not? It makes a lot of sense. A music composer singing his own song is probably the best person in the world to sing that song bar none. The original...

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Beware of Music Business Sharks

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Here's the thing about music. Like another thing called love, music can - Logon ka deewana bana deta hai! A small segment of the population can claim to be music-neutral meaning that music doesn't really affect them emotionally to any great extent. It doesn't matter to them whether any music is playing or not. These people are not passionate about music or genres or artists and generally these people will...

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The Age of One Man Shows

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The world of media has indeed undergone a sea change. There is a revolution in the making and if as an artist you are far removed from the revolution, then you can only feel sorry for yourself when you are old and your productive life is drawing to a close. I think it was Picasso who said, "The real and the greatest artists of any medium will emerge when the...

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